step into who you
were meant to be.


I am on a mission to help YOU liberate yourself from the pain, trauma and challenges that life presents 


Are you feeling like there is something holding you back and you can’t move forward in your relationships, your career and other aspects of your life? Are you stuck?


Are you sensing that there is ‘more to know’ about this life and how to live it with purpose and integrity? 


Are you longing for some ‘how tos’ that will help you to ‘unglue yourself’ and live up to your full potential?


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are”

                                                                                                        — Carl Jung


I believe that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

My goal is to help others awaken to their potential and bring the human and spiritual together. Only then can we be who we are meant to be.

I have great compassion for anyone’s struggle as I too have been through my own, and am on a mission to help YOU liberate yourself from the pain, trauma and challenges that life presents and step into who you were meant to be!


“I have the power to heal and transform myself. You have the power to heal and transform yourself. Together we have the power to heal and transform the world.”

— Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha


When I was a young child I was quite sick. Very often I would spend my days in bed or on the couch reading. I remember that I started to ‘see’ globes of light and then small figures…like fairies….in the room with me or in the garden outside the window. They became companions. I didn’t tell my parents about this but I did share it with my grandmothers and they both listened and smiled. They were even encouraging…asking about them when they saw me. I didn’t see these special ones all the time but they were very apparent on those long days of sickness.

Later on as I got into my teens and twenties I became very interested in spirituality. I visited churches, buddhist and hindu temples, synagogues… searching and trying to understand some of those big questions that had always concerned me.


Why are we here?
Why do people suffer?
Why do we have this separation and conflict between people?
What should I be doing….what is my purpose in all of this?
…..And more.


I became very interested in meditation and yoga which I started to practice while still in my teens. As I did this… more and more of those images that I hadn’t really seen since childhood years started to return. Now there were colors and even smells.

I studied psychology and education in university and became a counsellor and an educator. When I looked at people that were suffering from mental and emotional issues I saw darkness around them and in them. I never understood this and didn’t think I was any different or more special than other people. Having meditated for so long I knew I was very good at creative visualization so I attributed the images to that. I also began to study healing methodologies like Reiki, Touch for Health, and Spiritual Attunement. Often when I served people I heard a voice within me guiding what I did. Intuitively I knew I was being supported.


“Thank you for teaching me how to transform my blockages I feel my energy has

increased and my aura has grown – E


I studied with a number of spiritual teachers and healers. My heart always drew me to service. In 2003 I met a very special teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha who embodies this commitment to humanity. Through his teaching I realized that the images and the messages were all related to what he calls soul communication through our spiritual channels. My Third Eye opened more fully and I could see the images and hear the voices of the soul world including my own. All of it helped me to offer greater support to so many people in different walks of life.

I also became a consultant and senior manager in major corporations and government organizations helping them through major changes in their business and working environment. I continued to practice counselling and my clients included police officers, teachers, executives, families, couples, people with addictions, and all kinds of issues.


Then Master Sha gave me a great TREASURE…..access to the AKASHIC RECORDS.

These contain the histories of all souls. After that I could see and hear people’s past lives and help them to get a greater understanding of their current life and its challenges. I did….and currently do….Soul Readings for many people giving them the ‘bigger’ picture of their spiritual and human journeys.

A major insight for me is that everyone has the potential to open and learn how to use these spiritual/soul communication channels. Even in the corporate world ….where results are prized and spiritual discussion is considered by many to be in ‘woo woo land’….I was able to use these abilities.


I wrote a book using these channels called, Bringing Spiritual Wisdom to Your Daily Work. It is about integrating the human and the spiritual experience.

I started to teach ‘Soul Communication’. It is a ‘soul potential’ that we all have. We also have the potential to self heal, heal others and to move further and further on our soul journey. Our channels can assist us to see and open that pathway. We can then learn to develop it and use it. I know that people dream about being able to open their third eye or to receive ‘higher’ guidance. It doesn’t have to be a dream.


It is my greatest desire to serve others by helping them realize their

I am honored to serve

Has this spiritual path been calling to you
for a while now?


You know you can’t keep ignoring these callings…
They have found you for a reason.
You are here—reading these words—for a reason!
You see, all of us were born with our spiritual channels open.
But when we were young (around 4 or 5) they began to shut down…
BUT NOW your spiritual path is calling, my dear…
And it’s asking you to answer.


You’re Ready!