Building Harmonious Relationships

Have you noticed that relationships are so very difficult for you?

Do your relationships….family, work related, love related….seem to bring you the most stress in your life?

Do you sometimes feel like giving up the struggle and ‘hiding out’….just being solitary?

Would you like to have more peace, harmony and happiness in your relationships?.....and in your life?

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I have been a counselor and coach for over twenty years. Through working with clients on their business challenges, family issues, marital struggles and personal well being I learned a lot. In my initial training I interned at a hospital clinic helping people with addictions. What became clear is that the addictions, the dependencies, were usually born from an unhappy relationship that the person had with themself. Long-held beliefs about who we are and what success and happiness should look like are instrumental in our ability, or inability, to actually achieve this. There is often a gap in what ‘should be’ and ‘what is’. I myself suffered in this way too


What helped me eventually was to embark on a journey of self discovery which then led me more and more onto a spiritual path. I became aware that our human, physical journey, is really the vehicle for our soul journey. When we realize this then there is a vast world of wisdom, new tools and techniques that go beyond the traditional ones that we know.

I am in no way putting down models of mental and emotional problem-solving and personal development. I was trained in them and still use them. What I learned is that there is MORE. It is like looking at the world in 4- D rather than 2- D or 3- D. There are ancient teachings and new wisdom that open the gates for further exploration as to HOW RELATIONSHIPS, for example, are the platform for us to learn about our journey. It’s a two fold journey….human and spiritual.

I started seeking out teachers that could help me to ‘connect the dots’. I learned that the antecedents, the source, of most of my issues came not just from this life but from past lives. These folks I was relating to were certainly not strangers….we knew each other before…and now we had the opportunity to resolve past
differences….learn the life lessons we came here to heal and transform.
I also learned that our relationship with ourself is key. We can call it self-love, self-respect… doesn’t matter. We carry a lot with us into a life and understanding that gives a much wider berth to explore this and most important…..transform negative to positive at the deepest levels of our being. This is not easy but… with personal effort…it can be the gateway to more love, peace and harmony in our life.

I created this course and the other programs I offer to help people find that same gateway. It is truly like a huge ‘light bulb’ turning on when we realize the bigger picture.I have tried to make it applicable to our everyday existence. It is not something to read and hear about but something we can do. When WE DO….When WE APPLY what we know….TAKE ACTION……things will transform and


I draw on my own experience and from the teaching of my mentor Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. He is grounded in teachings of the Tao, Buddhism, I Ching, Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. He has great wisdom. He shared it with his students
and teachers. I was lucky to be both.

What helped me the most is seeing this life and my purpose in being here as a pathway to deeper understanding of what being human is really all about. Plus I saw, given my background in human development and many years working in different settings from the
corporate and government worlds, hospitals, colleges, and even with police and armed forces clients….I had had an unusual opportunity to see humanity’s challenges….AND….to understand that we are really all
the same….The core is the same but we each come into a life with a history that needs to be understood or at least known and respected….so we can move on


I will share that with you in this course. Let us all be known to

ourselves so that Harmony can come to all of us internally. Then we can

extend this to others and Build Harmonious Relationships.


Your Facilitator:


Lynne Nusyna M.Ed (Masters Degree in Education & Counselling Psychology) Certified Teacher of the Tao Academy Twenty years experience as a Relationship Counsellor Author of Bringing Spiritual Wisdom to Your Daily Work Consultant and Coach to Business and Government Leaders University and College Instructor *Dedicated to Serving Humanity to Bring Greater Health and Happiness to All


How it Works:

  • Seven Weekly Classes (90 Minutes each)
  • Copy of Powerpoint Slides
  • Light Transmissions to Enhance Success

In this course…


Learn about The GOLDEN KEYS for transformation in all relationships


Learn how to use the POWER of SOUL to create a deeper relationship with yourself


Learn about the blockages you carry that stop you from having HARMONY within your self and with others


Learn how to awaken your spiritual abilities and use them to build harmonious relationships


Learn how to integrate spiritual wisdom into your life and work


Learn how to achieve Love Peace and Harmony in your life


Program Modules:




The Kinds of Relationships




The Golden Keys to Transform Relationships




Developing a Positive Relationship with Yourself




The Power of Soul and How to Use It




The Power of Forgiveness




Building Harmony into All Relationships




Harmony in Action


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