Redefining Success

A 9 week LIVE group course experience on Zoom

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Do you feel like you are leading two lives or more?

On the one hand there is your journey of self-development and spiritual growth and on the other your family, your career, your business,your relationships.

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Have you tried to find success especially in your work and it constantly eludes you?


Have you worked hard to be successful in all aspects of your life but you still feel unfulfilled?

Would you like to experience a SEAMLESS Life where all of our separate LIVES are aligned….where you can transform stress, and find true long-lasting success?


I was living what I call a Compartmentalized Life. I had a close and supportive family. I was a single parent with a lovely daughter. I was experiencing some level of success in my career AND I was constantly looking to evolve. Spiritual teachers appeared and I grabbed on really wanting to get answers to the big life questions…and wanting to help people in a better way. I saw so much confusion, anxiety, depression and more all around me. Yet all of the self development I did felt good in the moment but didn’t lead to long-lasting change. Also I didn’t know how to apply what I was studying…..especially my work


My career was somewhat eclectic as I was …and am….a counsellor and coach…..a corporate consultant and senior manager in well known organizations. Because of my corporate experience I had many clients in my counselling practice who came to me because I understood the ways of business and corporate life. Most of them were feeling STRESSED and unable to cope with the demands, as they saw it, of their family and their work life. I often felt the same way and my heart reached out to all of them.


I realized that I needed to find new ways to help myself so that I could in turn share this with others. At one point I was suffering from some health issues and started searching for non-traditional modalities. I was already an energy healing practitioner and I used what I knew but it wasn’t enough. A friend referred me to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha who had a unique background in Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and more. With his help I began healing. The surprise of it all was that he introduced me to ancient teachings that really impacted my whole life…including my spiritual journey AND my work.


I saw that the reason why most self-development practices weren’t leading to sustained transformation was because they focused almost exclusively on the MIND. Mind based practices are powerful but limited. Our minds aren’t the highest level of reality that we have access to and it definitely isn’t the deepest level of who we are. We have to reach the root of the problem. That exists at a much higher level.


That higher level is the heart and soul. Quantum science and ancient teachings show us that it is our hearts that have the capacity to create that higher level of change in our lives and will provide the bridge to all those SEPARATE LIVES that we are juggling.


With this new awareness and the practices that I learned, I was able to feel more fulfilled. I brought the teachings to my clients and they experienced major shifts in their careers, relationships, health and well being. I wrote a book called: Bringing Spiritual Wisdom to Your Daily Life which speaks to the integration of our work life and personal life.

I was on the road to REDEFINING what SUCCESS looks like. This is what I want to share with you:

How it Works:

  • Nine Weekly 90 minute sessions
  • Light Transmissions to enhance your success
  • PDF Copy of the book…Bringing Spiritual Wisdom to Your Daily Work
  • Copy of the Powerpoint course slidesv

In this 9 session weekly journey
you can expect to


Identify your life purpose


Learn about the POWER of SOUL and how to apply it in all aspects of your life


Identify the messages you carry that affect you in achieving your personal, career, business,   and financial goals


Access your soul potentials


Learn how to integrate spiritual wisdom into your life and work


Learn how to have a ‘seamless’ life


Program Modules:




Finding Your True Self




Understanding the Journey




Soul Basics




Root Cause of Success and Failure




Rewriting Your Story




Meet Your Spiritual Support Team




Learning to do Soul Communication




Aligning the Soul, Hear, Mind and Body




Creating Your Seamless Life


Your Guide:


Lynne Nusyna M.Ed Education and Counselling Psychology Certified Teacher of Tao Academy. She is recognized internationally as a powerful Teacher, Healer,
Counsellor and Coach.

She has dedicated her life to helping others to transform their challenges whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual and to assist them to greater success in their relationships, business, finances and more

With her decades of practical people-centric experience in the counselling, academic and corporate worlds, she can guide you to align your soul, heart, mind, and body and light your path to health, happiness, vitality, loving relationships, and well being.


Are you ready to Redefine Success?


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