Are you longing for some ‘how tos’ that will help you to ‘unglue yourself’ and live up to your full potential?



What are you looking for today?


Opening Your Spiritual Channels
and Manifesting Your Soul’s Potential


What if you could manifest your highest success, in all aspects of your life, by listening to your soul?

Even when the mind is uncertain — your soul knows.

When you tap into your highest intuitive powers, your soul potential, you can…

– Unlock your inherent intuitive gifts

– Open Your Soul Language Channel (your unique signature Soul Voice)

– Connect With Your Third Eye and Other Soul Communication Channels

– Access direct wisdom and guidance from your own soul AND higher beings to support you with your spiritual path, career, relationships, health and well being, decision-making, and more

(3 month program)

Investment: $2997

Finding the Root Cause of Your Pain and Suffering


Have you ever wondered why people get sick or why we as humans suffer so much physically, mentally, and/or emotionally?

Have you ever questioned whether all the pain and suffering is needed or necessary?

Do You Yearn for Optimal health, and Well Being?

Join me In this 3 month program and you will learn:

  • How everything and everyone is made of shen qi jing….information, energy and matter
  • About the blockages, the negative information or messages, you are carrying that are the root cause of pain and suffering
  • How to transform the negative information
  • The tools and techniques of Transformation
  • About and experience the power of Tao Calligraphy Transformative Art….AND MORE!

(3 month program) 

Investment: $2997

Fulfilling Your Purpose


A Human Being has two lives! 

We are physical beings and we are souls.Physical life is limited. Soul Life is Eternal.

Finding and Fulfilling our ‘life’ purpose is KEY to both journeys.

Would you like to learn about your purpose?

Do you want to learn how to integrate Spiritual Wisdom and the Human Experience?

In This Program You Will Learn:

To access your ‘soul potential’
The messages you are carrying that affect you and what you do

Your most important ‘lessons’ in this life

How to Bring Spiritual Wisdom into Your Daily Life and Work

How to apply your unique abilities to live a higher quality life both physically and spiritually

Tools and techniques that combine ancient wisdom and new quantum science technology….SACRED ART

(3 month program) 

Investment: $2997

Finding the Harmony Within


Would you like to have a relationship with ‘yourself’ that supports you being happier and healthier? Would you like to find more inner peace?

A HARMONIOUS relationship supports the love, happiness, and flourishing of everyone in the relationship…..that includes you

A HARMONIOUS relationship is the foundation of good health, energy stamina and vitality

THE SECRET to developing harmonious relationships with others is to have a harmonious relationship with yourself first


In this 3 month program you will learn:

  • What stops You from having the HARMONY within
  • How to CLEAR these blockages
  • The GOLDEN KEYS for transformation in relationships and all aspects of life
  • How to use the POWER of SOUL to Create Deeper Relationships

(3 month program)

Investment: $2997

Finding Relief from Your Pain and Suffering


Are you open to working with new quantum science transformative technology, combined with ancient wisdom, to achieve your goals?

Join me  In this 6 month program and learn…

  • That everything and everyone is composed of ‘shen qi jing’….information, energy and matter
  • The root cause of our challenges lies in the negative information, or messages, that we carry
  • To identify the negative information that is blocking you and causing the misalignment in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies
  • To go beyond ‘mind over matter’ to awaken your higher consciousness
  • To open your spiritual/intuitive abilities
  • New Healing Tools and Techniques
  • About and Experience the Power of Tao Transformative Caligraphy
  • To purify and transform the negative messages of disease, disharmony, disorder in your ‘field’

(6 month program)

Investment: $5497

Serving Humanity


The TRUE PURPOSE of LIFE is to SERVE. We Come here to Make Others

Happier and Healthier and to be Empowered to Bring LOVE PEACE and HARMONY to HUMANITY and all SOULS.

A Human Being has two lives:

The physical life is limited. The soul life is eternal. The physical life is the ‘vehicle’ for the soul journey.

In the Program you will learn:

    • The Power of Soul and how to apply this to heal and transform your soul, heart, mind and body
    • To Awaken Your Soul Potential and Abilities
    • The Universal Laws of Creation and Service
    • To Access the unlimited SOURCE…The TAO….a quantum high frequency field of LIGHT LOVE INFORMATION ENERGY and MATTER
    • To INTEGRATE your human life and soul life to live a SEAMLESS LIFE
    • How you can SERVE….every day
    • Tools and techniques for purifying and transforming every aspect of your life

(6 month program)

Investment: $5497


Cultivating Conscious Harmonious Relationships


What if you could find Harmony and Fulfillment in your Relationships without so much struggle?

In this 6 month program you will learn:

  • About Your Spiritual Journey and How that Affects Your Relationships
  • How to identify the Blockages That Stop You from being more successful in all your relationships
  • How to Clear those Blockages
  • How to awaken your higher soul abilities and use them
  • How to Move Forward On the Journey to a More CONSCIOUS and HARMONIOUS Life
  • Tools and Techniques for Achieving Inner and Outer Harmony
  • How to Feel more balanced and more confident 

(6 month program)

Investment: $5497